The owners and employees of the company come from Families of peasant’s origin. The love and passion for the land to cultivate the vines comes from our older parents.
The adventure of the Agricultural Bondi began two Generations ago. The parents of both owners were the owners of agricultural land and their activity was mainly livestock farming, as in all families of that era. In the area there was no other means of support to agriculture. Over the years, they began planting the first vineyards. The main purpose was to produce wine for family use. Over the 70’s, in the area of Lake Garda, there was great economic growth,
due in large part to the arrival of the first tourists, mainly Germans. This led to the first hotel and thanks to that the exploitation of typical wines of the area were also appreciated and requested.
The case made that the first-born of these two families get married, thus uniting the passion to continue the work of both parents. Now the whole family is passionately dedicated to the production of wine, growing together and giving space to young people.

“Bondi” is located in the hills between Garda and Costermano.
Here grew Maria Rosa (the company owner) and his family.
She came into possession of the land in the area, and decided, in collaboration with her husband Ivan, producer of wines in his father, to expand the existing vineyards.
Thus it was born the idea of founding a new company, named like the zone.
Over the years he decides to build in Albarè, along the road to Costermano, a new wine store.
The structure is designed reflecting the characteristics of the old farmhouse in Bondi.
Currently the company covers a total of 12 hectares.

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